September 21st, 2010


It's all about oxygen.

Music: I've been enjoying Loscil for the quiet electronic ambience, but it shades a bit toward glitch. Not enough melodic stuff going on to hold my attention forever. It's nice background music for writing, though. Try "Endless Falls" to figure out if you like it.

Life explosion: Fight Gone Bad is this coming Saturday. I'm as prepared as I'm going to be this year. I did trial runs twice last week so I know what I'm in for and how much time I'll be spending on the floor making sweat angels afterwards. Did you know that I can push-press 55 pounds 30 times in 60 seconds? I didn't know that until this weekend.

Reading: Banned Books Week is next week, and it is perhaps time for my once-per-decade re-read of Huck Finn. Except that I have Dust and Blackout sitting next to my bed.

Teevee: The season 1 finale & season 2 opener of Warehouse 13 were exercises in lame writing. If this doesn't start getting better soon I'm going to ... uh, tut-tut a lot? And stop watching? Mr P's reaction: "The writers are just pissing me off here." And yet, I like all of the characters. Sigh. We're sticking with it. Doggedly.

I have only watched the first three minutes of the House season premiere, but my reaction is that those first three minutes are a hurt/comfort fan's dream. Particularly if you ship mumble, which I do, so yay. Let's see what the remaining 40 minutes do... It is already about 40x better than Warehouse 13. That is a scientific estimate. [ETA: mild spoilers now in comments.]

Buffy Season 8 comics: Just say no.