August 30th, 2010

Giles/Xander watcher


My Doctors Without Borders matching donation is made. My story is started. I have my High Concept and my Low Concept for it. I have my POV character's voice. I think it'll be okay. Meep. It's kind of happy and rambly in its current conception. I will probably shut up about it from here on out, though.

I watched the unaired Sherlock pilot. It's shot to an earlier version of the "Study in Pink" script and I found it utterly fascinating. How do you make a decent script into a great one? One of the things you do is take talky exposition and move it into filmic exposition. You show instead of having your characters tell each other. You also ruthlessly remove all repetition and pare everything down to the minimum that gets the idea across. (Principle of script parsimony.) And of course you let your actors sharpen their portrayals. Recommended viewing for anybody who wants to think about scriptwriting, I say. Or writing in general.

Um, what else have I got? I did a Crossfit workout today that I couldn't have imagined doing when I got started on fitness two years ago. That was cool. I'm going to hurt tomorrow, though.

Bonus addlement: I've always felt that if you're going to write songfic, you should choose a song with interesting lyrics to write to. One of these days I'm going to write one of those series of short stories inspired by songs on an album, only it's going to be a Brian Eno album. Another Green World really, because what else can you choose? Robert Fripp, John Cale, Phil Collins when he was a prog drummer, Brian Eno right on the cusp of what he was to call "ambient" music. Each song is a tone poem. Perfect for providing the moods for a series of short fics.

NB: The Giles/Xander story in progress is not songfic.