August 12th, 2010

Holmes/Watson BBC2

But the "great game" is spycraft, so where's this going, really?

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Cumberbatch's Holmes continues to make me incredibly happy. Yeah, here's our man, here's this specific strange character, as a modern writer would see him. Moffat has successfully resisted the urge to smooth over the rough edges, the essential obnoxiousness, and Cumberbatch carries it through for him. Freeman's Watson makes me even happier. Rupert Graves as Lestrade is almost an embarrassment of riches after those two.

bakerstreaders. Re-reading Doyle in order. The edition to get if you're needing one and have the bucks for hardcover is the New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: novels, short stories. Otherwise, Project Gutenberg has it all, as does wikisource.

And what a pleasure it is to see a long-standing fandom burst into new life. But this fandom is very busy indeed. I'm going to have to make a Holmesian filter just for the Holmesian comms. I sort of wish for an all genfic comm, though, because I'm still unable to slash them the way the rest of fandom does. It's epic friendship for me. Holmes is asexual.
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