June 7th, 2010

Core 4 2

Really I should just be using my desktop Mac. But that isn't new technology!

My Macbook is off having surgery on its hinge, so today I type at you from the medium of my iPad + a keyboard dock. The iPad needs multitasking and a clipboard API before I'd ever consider living without my Macbook, but it will do in a pinch. I synced the text of a bunch of stories to the iPad using Evernote. I'm attempting to write this way, sans BBEdit. At least I can put my feet up on my desk in proper concentration/think/work mode.

State-dependent learning! I am its slave.

Random: This wank delights me. Fanfic writers pulling a GRRMartin about their open-for-more-ficcing AU universe! It's awesome in particular because the names are so huge in fandom political circles, so you'd have thought the wankers would have known already how fanfic works. Known to be braced for the exploration of surprising undercurrents in their own fic. But deliciously, no!

And now back to lost artifacts, underground rivers, and erupting volcanos.