June 3rd, 2010

Giles/Buffy number

Plod, plod.

I wrote a synopsis for the Iceland story yesterday: 1000 words. This is to go with the 7000 words already written for it. And it only focuses on the plotty hellmouthy bits, not the character stuff going on all around it, which means that it'll be novella length when done. 20K minimum. Better get cracking.

My antagonistic force (she said, vaguely) is somewhat better defined than it was, but I need to sharpen it some more to give my characters something to push against.

The hinge for my Macbook has arrived at the repair place, which means it's time for me to hand it over for a day or more. ARGH. I might not bring it in until Monday, just to make sure I don't have to go the weekend without it. We are talking serious deprivation here, people. I love this thing. It is my favoritest computer ever.

My cats wake me up at the crack of dawn every day. It's light out, they say, time to get up and feed us. Cream nao! Mr Fluffy Cow woke us up demanding to be groomed of all things. Yes, this cat figured out how to tell us that he wants to be combed. This is good, because he is very very very very shaggy. I just dosed them both with anti-flea goo in revenge. They hate me now.
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