May 11th, 2010

Buffy ready

Pointers to meta I think is worth reading.

This unfunny business writeup about awful behavior from a single BNF in SPN fandom has sort of exploded all over the place in fandom this week. If you haven't read it yet, as some of my flistians might not have, you might want to just so you have the context of the conversation. For further reading about the rape culture issue, I recommend "A Mother's Day Plea, disguised as a rant.". Ignore the outbreak of the Libertarian Fallacy from one of the commenters because it will make you want to spit nails; just read the post itself.

I think this is my favorite meta post of the week: "Fannish spaces, girls, and the culture of silence.". This one widens the discussion to all of fannish culture.
oh dear

Step three is profit!

It's a good thing I have until Sunday for Remix, because oh god, I am procrastinating like mad. I haven't even created a file for it yet. Obviously I can't write anything yet! I don't have a file!

Okay, I just made a file for it and checked it into my fic repository. That's step two. Step one was choosing a story to remix, which I did two weeks ago. I even have an idea for what I'll do with it. Step three is typing a cruddy first-draft-y opening sentence for it, right? Or any sentence, really. It can be from the middle.

Yeah, I got nuthin'.

I'm going to draw a single tarot card and see what it dislodges in the creative back side of the brain. ... Oh. Okay. Wow. I can work with that. That's a title, too.

And there's 200 words.

Right, see you later, glad we had this little chat.

Listen: "Everlasting (Emotional Mix)", Andy Blueman, Sea Tides.
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