April 13th, 2010

Giles/Buffy sword

I am all covered with virtue and stuff.

Though alas not chocolate.

I have answered fic comments here, though not yet on ff.net. The ff.net community is distinct from the community we have here on LJ, but those peeps leave lovely comments too. Am behind on older comments, though. I'm trying to be a good LJ citizen again.

Working on the het_idcrack prompt story again, this time until it's done. Oh, god, so much work. I should probably step back and block out the scenes so I can knock them off one at a time. I've been in a "hop around and write what looks interesting" mode until now, which is too patchy. The clock is ticking, though.

And I did make a change to the fic ratings on my archive. I was so pleased about how easy it was to do with my tool thingie. Some day I really should polish it up, write a web front end for it, and release it to the world. I foresee trouble with the page templates, though. I'd need to write several sets of more generic style-able archive designs.

Listen: "Polar Bear", Ride, Nowhere.
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