January 14th, 2010


Oh noes! In which I procrastinate again.

Supernatural Icelandic Archaeology (with Vampires) made some progress in the last two days, as did the last chapter of "Liegeman". Which is all very pleasing. I'm staying with the quiet tone of "Dormant", and also with that mode of concentrating on the physical details, and I'm pleased by that too. It's a thing. I'm doing it. Maybe it'll work.

I note in passing that plot_wout_porn is soliciting signups for another round.

What's up with you? Have you paid attention to the current BtVS season 8 foofahrah? To something else entirely?

Le memage! emelye_miller tagged me. Noooooes!

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In conclusion, Carthage must be destroyed. She is a menace to Rome.