November 27th, 2009


I have no joke here. I just like saying "sprue".

My husband fancies himself master of the art of wildly inappropriate wrapping. He has, in the past, given someone a single CD wrapped in an entire guitar case. Yesterday's birthday present to me came in a wooden DHL packing crate that I had to use a crowbar to open. And a hammer. No, I'm not exaggerating even in the slightest. Inside was a lot of styrofoam, many plastic air pillows for cushioning, and at the very bottom a Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire MkVb model! With a complete set of Testors enamel paints, brushes, fiddly little tools, and two kinds of glue to huff.

Mr P apparently felt great pity for me while we were watching the James May show on model airplanes, because I confessed to never having built one in my childhood. Well, soon I'll have had that experience. Apparently one can really kind of deep-end on the hobby and produce some amazing-looking models. I, for one, will be satisfied if I glue it together properly and don't kill too many brain cells.

Quick language question: When I think of the hobby that involves assembling and gluing together plastic models of things then painting them, I think of it by the term "model airplanes". Mr Pedia undoubtedly went to a "hobby shop" to purchase my Spitfire and paints. James May used the word "Airfix" exclusively, but that's a specific brand name. Is that how our cousins across the pond refer to the hobby?

Randomly, in conclusion: Catnip indeed.
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