September 27th, 2009


My house contains two things: 1. Books. 2. Dust.

There we go. There's a journal layout I can get behind: spire's Aperture v2, with some minor font tweaks. Nice delicious Gill Sans for those of you on Macs, falling back to that bargain-basement Helvetica knockoff for those of you not. (You can join IKEA in font slumming.)

Yesterday I hung out with drsquidlove, gloriana, barbana, and people whose LJ handles I do not know but whom I know thanks to ConStrict. We ate much delicious spicy Jamaican food and talked about random stuff. I learned this week that Dr Squid Love has no taste and does not agree that Pride and Prejudice is the greatest novel written in the English language. WTF. She likes DH Lawrence. Double WTF.

I'm going to have to return to trying to declutter my living room now, a heroic feat if I can manage it with Mr Pedia dolefully watching my every move for hints that I'm about to throw out something important. That was supposed to be last weekend's project, but I broke my toe (or possibly toes) and now it's this weekend's project. Because this weekend I can stand up.

ETA: Actual conversation:
Me: Hon, what should I do with this chainsaw I just found in the living room?
Him: May I recommend chopping up someone you don't like?