September 25th, 2009


To heck with the poll winner.

You're getting Iceland and you'll like it. I hope. Bold promise, given that I have typed about 50 words of it so far. And that the research burden is exactly the kind I fear: writing about a place I've never been.

The writing soundtrack is prolly going to be Ultimae chillout and not something obvious like Sigur Ros. I note that I just missed Solar Fields performing at Yosemite, which is near enough to me that I would have done the drive to hear them. Dammit. Um, wait, where was I? Oh, right, putting together a suitably chilled sountrack. Important first step.

Also, I have a sort of plot bunny thing about Giles, Xander, and a stray cat. Um. Also, I seem to be writing Giles mpreg for the Fall Fandom Free For All. Um.
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