August 25th, 2009

Buffy looking up

Well, actually, this is sad news.

We interrupt your evening programming for this brief update: I am one off-screen frustrated-Buffy vamp-staking sequence away from a first draft. Today was a good writing day.

Er. Lets see. Surely there's something actually interesting I could say here. I could say that "Schoolhouse Rock" was really more "Schoolhouse Jazz", which was sneaky of them. It would have been more interesting to have a generation of schoolkids singing the Declaration of Independence, which is full of fascinating and incendiary sentiments. Was that interesting enough?

iTunes chose next to play LCD Soundsystem, "The Great Release" which is so very very Brian Eno. On purpose. It echos Eno album-closers like "Here Come the Warm Jets" in loving homage. Thus you might call the song a perfect Antenna-trap. I'm mixed about the album as a whole, though I often sing "Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house" at random moments.

Or there's this BG shipper secret from today's fandomsecrets.

No. Wait. As I type I learn something sad: Teddy Kennedy is dead at age 77. This, I will mourn. His legislative legacy is far greater than the flawed human being was, but that's what the tradition of public service used to be about.
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