March 23rd, 2009

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A spoiler-free review of Dollhouse

I'm mixed on the latest Dollhouse, the mythical episode #6 that's supposed to not suck, unlike the previous 5. Which, I will confirm for you, did indeed suck. Particularly s01e05, which featured groanworthy writing right up with Whedon masterpieces like "Teacher's Pet" and "Go Fish". Number 6 sort of didn't suck. But it also sort of made me think Whedon feels contempt for his audience. Not Coen-Brothers-level contempt, but I can feel the lurking sneer.

I can see that he needed setup for this episode. He really ought to have compressed the backstory, though. Three episodes, three better episodes that restricted Dushku to roles she could handle, and my reaction might not have been, "Finally! Finally you're doing something. I could still predict every plot twist, but at least it's finally twisting!"

Is this a recommendation? Probably not. What I recommend you do is wait for season 1 to finish, then get a reaction from somebody who isn't a frothing Whedon fanboy. If your reliable non-fannish barometer likes it, you can Netflix it or something. In the meantime, if you want a good SFnal take on this chestnut of an SFnal concept, I can probably dig up some reading recs.

Random: Let's get in the mood for the Star Trek movie by watching "Spock's Brain" performed live. Or perhaps this interview with the man who staged it. Via MeFi.
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teh sex

And that's a wrap. Probably.

I just updated the Buffyverse kink meme master list with the 44th prompt response. Number 44 was a lovely happy pot-scented thing with Giles, Ethan, and Xander. I doubt we'll see response number 45 unless I undertake a new round of promotion, which I'm not feeling up for at the moment.

A successful kink meme? Moderately. It didn't get the response rate I'd hoped for, but all the responses we did get were awesome. High quality, character-driven smut. I was wondering if maybe we should have had a take-a-prompt, leave-a-prompt policy, or closed it down to new prompts while so many prompts were waiting unloved. But then, why overthink it?

I wrote, er, nine prompt responses, some of which I fessed up to and some of which I haven't. Though really, I've already put my name to the ones that made my own eyebrows rise. I wrote new pairings and I tried some stylistic shifts, which was fun. I see that the esteemed drsquidlove has claimed a few as well.