March 5th, 2009

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What's good for minor depression?

I'll tell you what works, at least for me: a workout so intense that all I can do afterward is sit on the locker room bench and breathe. Yow! Sweat dripping from my nose!

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ETA: I love getting random IM messages from sociablesalmon. Harmless and weird social experiment. See also themissinghat.

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To all and sundry

Dear Giles or ASH fic archivists--
If you're losing interest in fandom or wandering off to another life or having trouble keeping up your archives, please just dump all the data on me. I'll give your archives a home. No questions asked.
sincerely yours,
is deeply grateful for those stories and doesn't want them to vanish

Random: It's the 45th anniversary of Terry Riley's "In C", and Metafilter has a spectacular roundup of performances and links about the piece. If you pick one to listen to, pick Bang on a Can's version. I love BoaC for their Music for Airports cover as well.
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