February 10th, 2009

watcher dark

Oh noes! Question meme answers contained within.

Brutal honesty fannish question meme answers here! Not much brutality, I'm afraid. And despite my threats, I haven't found it hilarious to lie, so these are all straight answers.

One. violetisblue wants to know about Giles & Ethan. Collapse )

Two. Another commenter asks about Merlin and the recent claims (linked to by metafandomwank) that it's got "skeevy" issues. I am also asked for my take on the assertion that imperfect canon feeds fannish activity more than excellent canon. Collapse )

Three. shitsu_tonka wants to know about Giles and Olivia. Collapse )

Four. What's my favorite ASH ship and why? Collapse )

Five. myhrmaid asks about Giles and his relationship with his father. Collapse )

Six. psychoadept wants rambling about Giles & kink. Collapse )