February 5th, 2009

Giles/Buffy hug

And now let us sing the praises of OTPs

I am writing commentary for the absurdly-titled "A Bottle of Jack Daniels Following Apocalypse", and all I can think is: I need more Buffy/Giles. New BG. Now please. Am having severe withdrawal symptoms.

Might be reduced to re-reading The Transformations Quartet for the Nth time. Angsty traumatic tortured Giles in braces with the lovely speech patterns of an educated Englishman, and a fascinating Buffy characterization I've never seen elsewhere. Mmm.
Giles/Buffy chosen

"A Bottle of Jack Daniels Following Apocalypse" commentary (Giles/Buffy, FRM)

For fuzzyboo03, commentary on "A Bottle of Jack Daniels Following Apocalypse", a story about Giles and Buffy (and Xander) in a motel room post-Chosen, drinking to fallen friends. Anya and Spike are discussed. There's a bit of non-explicit sex and some accidental voyeurism, so skip the commentary if these things are not of interest to you.

The commentary is much more about the story this time and less about writing craft.

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