February 4th, 2009

Giles/Xander becoming

"Substitute" commentary (gen, FRT)

psychoadept asked for commentary on "Substitute", a gen story about what happened after Xander rescued Giles from Angelus's mansion in "Becoming". It was remixed by nwhepcat as "Copper and Moonlight" (The Mimi and Rudolfo Remix)".

It's an early story: my third full-length completed fanfic. It started life as a entry for headrush100's hurt/comfort ficathon, but I was so nervous about sticking my neck out that I didn't actually sign up for the ficathon. I just wrote it and posted it on the same day or thereabouts. In my head, this has always been part of a larger storyline, and this is indicated by its presence in the "Breaking Glass" verse on my archive site.

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