January 21st, 2009


In emergency, break glass. This won't help, but it'll make a great crunching sound.

Nothing quite like being stuck on four stories at once. "Liegeman" is wedged because I'm convinced it's boring; the Montana story is stuck in worries about present vs past tense; the post-Eyghon story is under lockdown because I believe it retreads territory others have covered before & better; the Big Bang story is in stasis because I'm not yet ready to do the work of re-outlining.

Time to start another story, obviously.

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PS: I moved from outlining the GEB (an eternal golden braid) descent-into-hell story into writing actual prose for it. So yes, I carried out my threat to start another story. I love writing Ethan's point of view. Oh, I am going to make Giles suffer in this one. Yay.