December 30th, 2008


Also I worked, but that's not fannish.

Fannish things I have done recently:

  • Wrote a draft of my drunken!Giles story. I could have posted today, but I'm grateful for the extension to Jan 11 anyway. It can breathe a bit! Get plottier! Get prawnier! Get drunker!
  • Edited some things in the other big story in progress. Trimming and editing now, to avoid writing the climactic bit at the end. Flinch.
  • Failed to work on my month-late ficathon story.
  • Wrote and deleted a ranty response to a metafandom item from yesterday. Fanfiction can't develop character, forsooth.
  • Watched a whole lot of Doctor Who, classic and modern, with sahiya. This year's Christmas special may be summarized as great concept, cruddy execution, nearly saved by a great guest actor. The final third needed revision by somebody who can write. But I sort of liked it anyway.
  • Observed that Top Gear is on iTMS. Okay, then! Here's my ten bucks!
  • Fixed the trac installation on my server. You can now browse source for ljmigrate and the Dread Machine if you are so inclined.
  • Made the Dread Machine generate year listings, which I will put into my next post. Whee!
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