August 21st, 2008



Eek! I missed fairygothmum's birthday yesterday, so I'll be a day early with missparker's birthday and say to both of you guys: May there be much cake of exactly the kind you like best with the people you love most eating it with you! And may your upcoming year be 200% more awesome than last year was.
Giles/Buffy helpless

"Braces and Overalls" commentary (Giles/Buffy, FRM)

Item #2 on the list of three short BG fics seldomifever wants commentary for: "Braces and Overalls, or, Because Watchers and Slayers belong together", about 2400 words of Cruciamentum followup that touches on my favorite themes of Watcher/Slayer mystical foofahrah, the season 3 Gilesy wardrobe (the sexiest of the entire series, in my opinion) and the much-beloved snark.

This one was one of my first poll response fics. The flist wanted "Snitty in braces mode Giles, with Buffy, pr0n, with a medium amount of plot," so that's what I shot for. Except it wasn't prawny hardly at all, and in retrospect maybe should have been even less prawny.

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I've been writing a whole bunch, secretly. To no visible effect.

So the deadline for kink_bingo round 1 is Sept 1 and I was noticing that I have a few nearly-complete bingo lines and a few nearly-complete ficlets on my card. But neither GX in Cleveland nor Blackmailverse backstory have anything to do with the WIP I'm trying to finish. I am terminally unable to decide anything.

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