August 19th, 2008


In which I am uncharacteristically chatty.

What? You don't want anything dvd-commentaried-upon? Whatever will my ego do? Trudge off and write some more, quietly, then, which is best for it overall. I'll check back in a month or two when I stop whining about writing and start whining about editing.

Saw "Tropic Thunder" last night with barbana and truwest and to my surprise laughed my head off.

Apparently I left a full coffee cup on the bed yesterday morning and Mr Pedia discovered it the hard way. Oops. How'd I manage that? Waste of perfectly good coffee. No wonder I wandered around the office in a haze yesterday. Today, I'm kickin', though. Started the day off with a workout and now I'm ready to benchpress some code.

Otherwise, man, I got nuthin'. What's up with you? Those of you in hurricane country doing okay?
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Giles/Buffy helpless

"Planning Ahead" commentary (BG, FRT)

seldomifever asked for commentary on three short Giles/Buffy stories. Here's the first.

A B/G ficlet of comfort following knife-related incidents, for glimmergirl

Glim had an accident with a knife similar to Buffy's, though perhaps involving considerably fewer vampires. So I thought maybe I'd write something distracting. 600 words of fluffy h/c resulted. As did Glim's remix of this story: "Unplanned and Imperfect".

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