June 17th, 2008


Oh noes! meta-memage

Have just learned about anonymous kink memes. Does the Buffyverse need something like that? I would go for one where the requests were kinks like "h/c" and "wanton snuggling" and "flannel pajamas" as well as the usual. Though lords knows why I want something like that, when I have three juicy prompts from the last poll waiting to be written. Oh, I remember why: it's because I'm procrastinating like mad for my summer_of_giles story.

clavally is doing a desktop screenshot meme, so here's mine at the moment:

Desktop 17 June 2008

Post yours, or something.

Random link for today: A puzzle built into a 5th Avenue apartment. If I ever have ten million dollars to spare, I'm definitely doing something like that.

Random link 2: Alex Faaborg on the visual design done for Firefox 3, released today. The goal was improved visual integration with its native environments. And I will say that it looks more like a Mac app to me, though it still doesn't behave enough like one.
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