March 12th, 2008

Watson likely stories

Oh noes! A current project list and a writing meme.

In likely order of completion:

  1. rounds_of_kink prompt: Oz/Xander (omg world ending); due yesterday.
  2. Remix Story (ruling from the center of the ultraworld mix), April 12.
  3. Giles/Ethan New Years Eve ficlet, in the Antique Roman verse, no due date.
  4. Tagfic for seldomifever: finish the story with Giles + Buffy + bottle of Jack, in a motel, post-Chosen; no due date.
  5. spring_with_xan story: total mystery to me; May 11.
  6. summer_of_giles story: will probably be the one I call "the signet ring story"; signups not open yet, but I need to start early.

Today is communication day: catch up on answering fic feedback; catch up on leaving comments on your posts (since you all seem to be having lives at the moment, which is both good and bad); send email to people to say hi and apologize for my lack of existence the last couple of months. I also have a to-be-read list that's rapidly increasing out of control.

Context is everything: Officemate V just said, "Spinning pie slices it is, then!"

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