January 1st, 2008


2007 fic round-up

13 ficlets, 27 short stories, 3 novellas. 43 pieces total.

13 Giles/Buffy
8 genfic
6 Giles/Xander
4 Giles/Ethan
3 Giles/Jenny
1 Ethan/Dawn
1 Giles/other
1 Giles/Oz
1 Giles/Oz/Xander
1 Giles/Tara
1 Giles/Wesley
1 Jonathan
1 Giles/OMC
1 Ninth Doctor/Jackie Tyler

No longer 100% Giles! Two stories didn't feature him, and one story wasn't even Buffyverse.

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My resolutions for 2008

Post the next section of T&P.
Finish "Reconnection" & "Ars Draconis".
Do the Remix ficathon again, but otherwise limit ficathon participation to a few key choices.
Finish the Holmes crossover sequel, "The Professor and the Adept".
Write the "Thusia"-verse Cruciamentum story. (For SoG?)
Finish the signet ring story that I started for 2007's Summer of Giles.
Make significant progress on the long story in the "Breaking Glass" universe.
Write a new Giles pairing of some kind: Giles/Wesley? Giles/Joyce? Giles/Anya finally?

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Happy New Year!

May the worst of 2008 be better than the best of 2007. May fandom be fun and relaxing and provide endless hours of reading and writing and viewing entertainment.