October 30th, 2007


In which the writer indulges in the favored sports of navel-gazing and wittering.

Beaucoup de fic wittering about the Giles/Xander D/s-themed story, "Rough Boys", within. Do not follow cut if either G/X or kinky smut offends. Also, the usual squishy-minded Tarot reading to kickstart the creative brain, season 4 maundering, and canon as my personal trampoline. The storyline is spoiled a trifle, if that's a concern.

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More traditional fic wittering: Part 4 of "Helios Hyperion" is maybe 2/3rds written. It's about 3000 words of past flashback, the "four times it happened before". The four incidents span season 5, and hit the key points of the Giles-Buffy relationship during the canon storyline. Happy and sad by turns. Not as smutty as I'd been planning, however. Oh, well.

I need to set all of these aside and write Ninth Doctor smut. Like, yesterday. Or I'm screwed. And not in the good way. Also, the Buffy-as-Hero story due one week later: completely unstarted, though I have some vague ideas. Dammit. This is why I'm not signing up for any more ficathons. The runaway ideas in my head have stopped matching the ficathon prompts. Fortunately, I have some good ideas about what my Buffy-as-Hero recipient would enjoy reading, and how wide a breach of ficathon manners she'd be willing to put up with for the core idea I have. I believe. I hope. If I'm wrong, will grovel.

"My failure looks more and more imminent."

Also, am finally reading Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair, and finding it utterly fabulous.


Exciting earthquake just now in the SF south bay area. I have no idea what the rating was: it went on for a very long time as earthquakes go. Fascinating. Updates to this post as I get them.

I was here during the 1989 quake that did so much damage. This one was not in the running; I'd call it a 5 at most. But it's the biggest I've felt since the 89 aftershocks, so I am damn awake right now, let me tell you.

USGS report says 5.6. Interesting! My first guess to Mr P was a 6, then I revised down. Heh.