October 23rd, 2007


Must amend the meta-post

1. Worked madly all day. Really insanely madly. And on the stuff I'm supposed to be working on, too.
2. Wrote nothing on anything, neither the stuff I should be working on, nor the stuff I shouldn't be. This is related to item 1.
3. Note to self: close browser tabs with research on flogger materials before toting MacBook to work.
3a. Also change Giles/Buffy desktop to something more generic, like NASA satellite photos. Or photos taken by the Mars rovers. Those are suitable. Not that the desktop was unsuitable, just that it was kinda unprogrammery. I felt it was damaging my nerd cred.

Random link for today: Van Halen demonstrates, live on stage, that 48kHz is not the same as 44.1kHz. No one in our office can listen to more than a few seconds of this.

Now I'm going to sack out and fail to catch up on the last three weeks of Heroes.