October 22nd, 2007


A meta-post; that is, a post about posts

I get the feeling that you may fill in the following journal entry for me every day for the rest of this week:

1. Working madly. Have taken new resolution to ignore everything, including stupid process problems, and just write software. Not necessarily the software people want written right this second. Ha.

2. Writing madly. Have not started forty_or_better story; oh noes!

2a. Instead am writing kinky Giles/Xander you will all hate.

2b. The next "Helios Hyperion" segment is turning out to be much longer than I thought it would.

After talking all week about one story, at the end of it I will surprise you all by posting something completely different.

ETA: NASA Earth Observatory images of the San Diego wildfires.
Xander army

Prompts needed

Prompt me on the G/X "Rough Boys" continuation. What do you want to see?

I've got a handle on the emotional stuff, and on overall storyline. It's just that in my current mood, I'd sort of skip the intervening bits and go right to the post-event cuddle. Need hook. Leather hook.