September 24th, 2007


Insert randomly-selected lyric from a song about Monday

Yesterday I did not finish the draft of the Giles/Ethan story, though I am mere inches away from being finished with A Crappy First Draft(tm). However, I did send what I had to my Intrepid Beta Reader, so goal met in some fashion.

Next task is to write notes for my next G/X story. Several possibilities. In the WIP-finishing spirit, I will probably choose to finish "Partners". As I have, somewhat tediously, mentioned before.

Saturday: As noted in previous entry, watched New Who. Am enjoying both New and Old Who for different reasons. Will need to rewatch Nine soonest for ficathon assignment reasons. Nine smut: in November!
Sunday morning had insomnia. Woke up around 3:30am, chatted with a surprised seldomifever, and speed-read through about twenty stories on ODD before I decided I could sleep again.
This weekend I also played about two minutes into Half-life 2: Episode One and played engineer in one practice Team Fortress 2 game. Then I played a lot of WOW with Mr P.
Last night I fell asleep with laundry still in the dryer. Oops.
This morning I woke up shivering and sore-throaty. Bah! I don't want this. Go away, viruses/germs/other foreign life forms.
Tonight: new Heroes, right? Right?

In short: life is about as it usually is with me. How is it with you?
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