August 23rd, 2007


Ow. Ow. Ow.

Argh. Two headaches in three days. This one so bad I'm afraid to drink my morning coffee lest it meet an undignified fate shortly thereafter. At least my syntax has not deserted me.

I'm off to lie in a darkened room and see if I can focus on anything. I need to beta-read. I need to decide if I'm going to host I need a Parrot for the peeps who need a new host. Oh, fuckit. I'll offer. I have three Linux boxes sitting in a half-rack eating their heads off.

ETA: Finally better. Going to nap more, though.

Head now at a dull roar

2 extra-strength whatsits, one long nap, one even longer hot bath with my own remedial reading, and I feel better. The headache is still present, just much dulled. Man. This rarely happens to me. I'm not set up for it.

Have had visit from the Not Kitten, who meowed at me and strong-armed me into giving her cream. She and her uncle The Cat ran around madly chasing each other for a while this morning. There's a trilling thing they do only when communicating with each other. Trill trill, thunder down the hallway, slam into the wall, trill trill, thunder back, leap to the top of the cat tree in a single bound.

My remedial reading is Good Omens, which I am finally reading. It's like Sense and Sensibility. For years and years, I held off reading it, because when I did I would have read all the Austen there would ever be. So I didn't, even while I wore out my copies of P&P and Northanger Abbey and even stooped as low as to re-read Mansfield Park. Finally I broke down, because I didn't want to see the Emma Thompson adaptation without having read the book first. I'm finally reading Good Omens, a pleasure similarly deferred from a wish to keep it in reserve. I wanted comfort reading and something new, and it is totally working.