August 22nd, 2007

Arthur Dent WTF

Rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty

1. Saw Stardust last night with Mr P. Enjoyed it greatly. Peter O'Toole was delightful in his short role. De Niro's role was... too camp? I dunno. I enjoyed his performance but feel guilty. Many other things to say.

2. Developed blinding headache on the drive home. Attempted to watch Eureka, but instead fled into darkened bedroom to whimper and wait for either death or sleep to claim me. Whichever came first.

3. You people! You do not recognize Raymond Chandler. This means I need to assign you remedial reading. Fortunately this remedial reading is of the excellent variety.

4. The Doctor mentioned once that Arthur Dent was a very nice man. Please to be pointing me to the fic describing their meeting. I pine. (Also, please let it be gen, because I think my skull might implode otherwise. I am, at the moment, going with Doctor/Tardis OTP, all others get a strange look.)

5. Am writing. Finally. Will say no more at the moment.

6. Your random link for the day: Note to the dogs.