August 17th, 2007


A public service announcement

Adblocking software is your friend. Your ticket to Internet surfing joy.

Pith Helmet: extended prefs and ad blocking. Beta support for Safari 3. $10
Saft: extended prefs and ad blocking. Beta support for Safari 3. $12.

Ad blocking and Flash animation blocking are built in. <3 Camino. Free.

Adblock & Flashblock: Flashblock gets everything that Adblock doesn't. Free.

Er, I have no idea what people still using IE do to block ads. Sling me a link and I will edit.

My personal corollary to this practice: I pay for services I use often. My LJ account is paid. I pay for Salon. I pay for Pandora. And so on. But I do so love never having to see this image. For instance.
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teh sex

Okay, let's explode myself out of my block

PWP or woobie prompts. For short fic, 500 words or less (if I can restrain myself). Intended for feedmykink's Sweet/Hot challenge, so kink is okay, and so is cuddling. "No long intros, no plotty epics, just a single scene." No plot.


(Note: comm banner is not worksafe. I will not be responding to prompts in the comments, but in a separate post. Or posts.)
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