August 1st, 2007


While I consider whether I really need more caffeine today

Alas! summer_of_giles is over. Now I must go back and make sure I left all the feedback I wanted to leave for people. It was a great year.

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Today's random links: Grotesque 1. Grotesque 2. I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition of the url with the nauseating effects achieved in the photos.
Giles/Xander 2

Fruit continues to please

So, woah! "Apples, Oranges, and Pears" is unbelievably nominated some more. This time it's the Happy Endings Awards round 3!

I was telling Mr Pedia the other day that I need to figure out what people liked about that story so I can bottle it. Hee! My theories are: 1. Xander. 2. Funny. 3. Xander. 4. The summary line at the end of each section. 5. Xander. 6. Happy ending! 7. Shirtless Giles.