June 19th, 2007

Watson likely stories


Editing is interesting. It's the conscious side of the compositional process, where I look at what my unconscious has dredged up from the sea-bottom and sort through it. Seaweed, dead fish, dead fish, horseshoe crab, four zillion periwinkle shells, more seaweed... gold coin. Or abandoning my goofy metaphor: crappy sentence, mixed metaphor, crappy sentence, wrong word... good lord an important thing about the character, crappy sentence...

I write my ending, then rewrite my beginning, then tweak my ending again. I read through and try to comb my language so it all comes from the same metaphor system. I know theblackmare accuses me of sticking with purely functional words and never letting myself be decorative. Hee! But I have a thing I'm tryin' to do.

Just take it as read that I'll be editing up until the moment I post on Thursday. And probably afterward.

Next. To whom do I owe what? Remind me. secondalto, I have two stories to be read, sitting in my Folder of Shameful Lateness. Anybody else? I have a horrible feeling that I have forgotten something. Like for xphile. Since January. Um. Crap. Did I really do that?

Your random link for today: Hmm! I have a link to BDFL Guido's update on the state of Python 3.0. Approximately -3 of you want to read that. How about a link to a crappy over-compressed video of a Discovery Channel documentary on the history of Atari? No? How about tomorrow's APOD, then, showing an eclipse of Venus? I think you'll like that one.
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