June 18th, 2007

action giles

A cheerful Monday

Am still riding on the high of having finished a draft several days early for once.

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12 signups for the Ethan ficathon so far! I have not signed up myself yet-- am waiting to the end to see if I need to adapt my prompts to make matchups easier. But that's already enough that there'll be a decent amount of fiction to read. wickedfox made me a banner, but I haven't done anything with it yet.

I got Technorati to index giles_fic_recs, so in theory it is now searchable. Can't put the search widget on the comm page, however, because LJ wisely strips script tags. I've also done one pass on the last 2 months of entries to add author tags, some season setting tags, and a few content tags.

Your random link for the day: The Science of Gaydar. New research on physical differences between gay men and women and straight men and women. The research at the moment is trending hard in the direction of "it's biology, and it's probably prenatal".

JADP: My hands show the masculinized finger length ratios. I perform like men in 3D spatial tests. (My degree is in math. Cause or effect?)