May 31st, 2007

Giles/Buffy chosen

Computer says yes

Instead of emergency smut, we'll have some celebratory smut. Looks like you guys want deeply emotional, weirdly intellectual Giles/Buffy raunch, with hurt/comfort and mild kinkiness, in a new setting. Though many of you wouldn't mind if Xander and snarky banter also got involved.

All right, then! *cracks knuckles, winces, promises never to do that again*

ETA: Oh, dear. The plot idea that just came to me does in fact get Xander involved in ... some fashion.
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Off-LJ contact

Just in case! I'm antennapedia at Insane Journal and at Greatest Journal. I like Insane Journal much better; the site navigation at GJ is... er.... in need of help. IJ has the better feature set.

I don't think fandom is going to be moving, and I'm not planning on moving unless my magic trend-prediction hat says that Buffy fandom in general is moving. But just in case! Let's set up the networks. And in case of true explosion, I'll always have my own web site.