May 20th, 2007


LJ layout fun

Well! I have successfully burned a few precious writing hours learning how to write functions for the S2 style system. And in the end I didn't even bother to do it. A few customized CSS tags over Variable Flow, and done.

Have been tinkering with several background images along the same basic lines. The current one borrows/steals/appropriates a manipulation by wickedfox, showing ASH being all crinkly-eyed. Cheekbones, jaw, and a hint of chest: tasty! More here.

Way simple approach: background texture masked to fade out fairly quickly from the left column. Solid color layer under that. Image of some kind laid over that, in the left column, preferably flush with the bottom. Then header text aligned & effected to look good on the texture, whatever that means. Another example. I <3 Photoshop 10.

And now back to writing.
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