May 15th, 2007


Location scouting

I need a UK location. A beach, preferably a bit uncivilized, preferably one with good prevailing winds for sailing or kite-flying or looking handsomely windblown. Somewhere within a couple hours' drive of Bath. Not sure how far is considered "a day's drive" in the UK, or what distances are driven without much thought. (I'd drive a hundred miles one way without worrying much, for instance. I'm a Californian.) My characters would be a bit determined, and seeking out the beach for a specific purpose, and therefore willing to make a special trip.

Exmoor seems like a possibility, but I dunno. Cliffier than I had been visualizing. Maybe there's something suitably scenic near Bristol?

I don't need to know tons about this place. Just enough to set a small scene there. Just a plausible name would do it, almost.

In exchange, I can offer advice on California state beaches and parks, including the many lovely ones on the awesome coast to the north of Sunnydale/Santa Barbara. Or I can solve a programming problem for you or something.
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