April 26th, 2007

Rupertus  Domesticus

Write About Socks Day: the results

This extremely well-planned and well-publicized day to celebrate socks has produced the following travesties of taste works of deathless prose:

+ theblackmare: Socks - BtVS, Giles/Buffy friendship, FRC
+ antennapedia: The Sock Drawer - BtVS, Giles/Buffy, FRT
+ gileswench: Festive Yet Practical - BtVS, Giles/Buffy, FRC
+ headrush100: untitled post-Grave safe harbour story - BtVS, Giles/Anya, FRT
+ malnpudl: The Thing with the Sock - dueSouth, Fraser/RayK preslash, FRT
+ appomattoxco: In Her Spare Time She Use To Knit Jumpers - BtVS, Giles/Anya, FRC
+ raysgal: Lilac - BtVS, Giles/Buffy, FRC
+ xdawnfirex_fic: Sock Puppet Supper - BtVS, Giles/Buffy, FRC
+ penwiper26: Ceci n'est pas un sock - Wooster + Jeeves, FRC
+ glimmergirl: Kitten Socks - BtVS, Giles/Buffy, FRC
+ antennapedia: Not An Argyle Socks Guy - BtVS, Giles/Xander, FRM

I am reliably informed that there are others, wisely hidden behind the veil of the flock.
Periodically or a-periodically updated through the day as the fit takes me.

Sock epics from days past:

+ janedavitt: Coming Out in the Wash - Sentinel, Jim, Blair, FRC