April 18th, 2007

teh sex


For some reason, the SF Bay Area is now crawling with Lotuses. Saw one with a truly hideous blue-with-orange-stripes paint job this morning. It's a pretty car, and not even a ton of money given how pretty they are. But man, I'm going to stop lusting if I keep seeing them everywhere.

The other car that's everywhere on the roads around here is the Toyota Prius. Grillions of 'em. Lust is not an issue with hybrids, however.

The car I will buy for Mr Pedia when the startup hits it big is the Ariel Atom. He's been drooling over that car for years. Probably in kit form, to give him something to do.

Probably my Ducati lust won't end any time soon. The 1098 is a return to the gorgeousness of early-90s Ducks. I already own one of my two unobtanium-longing bikes, in the CBR929. Perhaps some day I will own a completely impractical Ducati for track days.
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