February 3rd, 2007

oh dear

Dreams are getting weird

Last night's dreams? Giles and Faith. And a war waged with P51 Mustangs and Sherman tanks. In the middle of which there was a digression to Cambridge, England, and a group of Lewis Carroll-inspired civic statuary. To which Giles said, very mildly, "I'm dreadfully sorry, but wasn't he a don at Oxford?" And Faith gave him this look.

And now I pretty much have to do laundry or else.

Am mildly stuck in the forest temple. I think I need to improve my bomb-throwing skills to move on. Sigh.
Giles/Xander young

That fruit story

Hey! "Apples, Oranges, and Pears" was runner-up in round 5 of the Fang Fetish Awards in two categories.

First category: Best Gen and other pairings. The winner was Out of Africa by spikendru and my fellow runner up was the ouch-inducing and excellent "Cuckoo in the Nest" by liz_marcs.

The other category was Best Fluff/Lighthearted, which this story certainly was. The winner here was Fanfic Made Me Gay by jameschick. My fellow runner-up was entrenous88 with Cuddly Predators, which I have been meaning to read for ages. Because: kitten! Which, if you ask me, is the very definition of fluff.