January 23rd, 2007


Again with the vampire theories

Humans, things with souls, demons, vampires. Buffy was completely muddled about its world-building, but I refuse to be muddled. I like to have a solid background upon which to romp. What are vampires? What the heck is Angel?

I've had these notes kicking around for a while. I inflict them on you now.

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fic recs will need somebody

It's about time for me to recruit some more people to post weekly or fortnightly on giles_fic_recs. I'll put the initial call out here.

The job is not hard: once a week, recommend a story or stories to Giles readers. All the fun is in how you do it. Maybe you cover a broad range of Giles fandom, or maybe you dig deep with an expert view into one aspect of Giles fandom. Sell the stories to the readers! I often write summaries that are completely different from the ones the authors wrote, because I'm trying to coax a slightly different audience into trying it.

The task is as much or as little work as you want it to be. I've spent hours building themed rec lists some weeks, and other weeks spent five minutes writing up a little blurb for a single story I loved a lot. It's also not a long-term commitment. Recommend stories until you run out of suggestions, then step aside and enjoy somebody else's taste for a while.

Rules are very simple: never recommend yourself, mark adult stories as adult.

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