January 4th, 2007

Buffy looking up

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Hmm. Plot bunny from calime33: Ethan, the Discworld, a magic shop that travels. And that, of course, makes me think about a traveling Magic Box. And a well-intentioned scheme by Anya to improve sales. And a sudden visit to Ankh-Morpork.

Buffy and Carrot. Ha!

Has this been written? Musta been. At some point I will troll Crossing the Hellmouth to see.
Watson likely stories

2006 fic round-up

3 works in progress, 11 short stories, 12 ficlets
9 Giles/Buffy
7 genfic
6 Giles/Xander
1 Giles/Ethan
1 Giles/Anya
1 Giles/Jenny
1 Cour Four
1 Sherlock Holmes crossover
100% Giles
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My resolutions for 2007
Finish "Reconnection" & "Ars Draconis".
Add 2 more Giles/Buffy WIPs to the list, since about 100K words of them are on my hard drive right now.
Write a meaty Giles/Anya story, and finally understand Anya.
Write more Giles/Ethan.