December 28th, 2006


The effect of killing somebody

Frontline documentary on "The Soldier's Heart". Here's some material on the effect of killing somebody on a soldier, and what has to be done to prepare a soldier to kill somebody else.

Useful material when writing Giles and Buffy, I think. Buffy can dehumanize her enemies, literally, by classing them as demons. But they sure look human. What does her calling do to her? What should Giles be doing to help her cope? Is the Council any better than the US military at admitting that killing has an effect on its soldiers? Did it train Giles, or is he figuring it out on the job? Or is he not figuring it out because he's experiencing it himself? Or what?
Xander reading

Today's reading

I am a very bad code miner today. Instead of filling my carts full of software ore, I have read the first book of the Temeraire series, which I bought months and months ago on sweetdoggie's recommendation. Ooh. Good stuff. Yes. Read. Patrick O'Brian + dragons. Um. Why do I not have the other two books with me now?