December 11th, 2006


Dear kitten

I recognize that by reclining on my chest, purring ecstatically, and kneading my face you are expressing your affection for me. Or at least, your appreciation for my regular display of can-opening skills, which is the same thing in the end. I further recognize that by your standards you're hardly using any claw at all. And I also recognize that when you lick the end of my nose with your raspy tongue you are attempting to express your gratitude for the cream I gave you this morning. Assuming your memory goes back that far.

And yet. Ow. You're perforating my chin.
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Torchwood s01ep08, "Random Shoes"

Basically, we enjoyed this. I think it has to be considered alongside last week's episode, the dark and cynical "They keep killing...".

Collapse )

However, Torchwood is going to lose my viewing attention in favor of Heroes real soon. Okay, the BBC writers do better with dialog than the painfully earnest and on-the-nose Heroes writers do. But overall story arc wins. Also, vaguely pandering incoherent jokes like the stopwatch thing do not, in the end, endear the show to me.
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When the husband brings in the mail...

A week's worth of mail, in a giant armful, what do I find? Holiday cards! From secondalto and mireille719! Man, what else is in that huge pile? Besides four million holiday store circulars? Oh, look, it's a kitten! She's sitting on top of the reminder from the vet that she's due for more shots. Clever kitten.

I might decide that "Cloud Animals" is postable tomorrow morning. Might.

And your random link for today: Penny Arcade on the upcoming Firefly MMO.
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