December 4th, 2006


Predict the sex of the author

An algorithm that attempts to predict the sex of the author from various aspects of a text: upload your text here. The scoring chart is amusing. The algorithm does its work with prepositions, pronouns, and copulas, all the little connective words.

Results for "Apples, Oranges, and Pears":
Female Score: 19092
Male Score: 17000

Results for Tradition & Protocol part 1:
Female Score: 39576
Male Score: 32059

Results for the opening section of the NLBS/NaNo project:
Female Score: 3852
Male Score: 3692

Heh. However, I'm crushed by the results for "The adventure of the displaced Watcher", since they mean I failed to write like Watson/ACD:
Female Score: 25935
Male Score: 24201
(Though Mr P is now telling me that "The Red-Headed League" is, in an excerpt, scoring rather female, so... the algorithm might be kinda culture-specific. Unshockingly.)
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Award voting conundrum

I am having severe difficulties voting for some categories in Bodice Ripper round 8. E.g., best smut fic: two of them were written just for me and how the heck I am supposed to decide which one is least appropriate to read in my workplace because of, well, you know, flushed faces and all? Aigh!

You're going to have to vote in this one and make the tough decisions, because I think I'm just gonna hafta punt in that category.
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