November 24th, 2006


Three things

1) I've kind of been having a problem with watching and rewatching the fanvid for Stacy's Dad. Giles/Oz, and well. Hee.

2) With secondalto's help, got past a stuck spot in the cya_ficathon story, and I might achieve first draftage today. At around 12K words. Gulp. (And I continue to love the request, which nails down just enough while leaving me with plenty of room for invention.) Or I might not: while the kitten was supervising me in the bath just now, I got a motor running about a subplot in the NaNoWriMo project. And I still need 6K words there to "win". So perhaps that will be today's project.

3) Happy belated birthday to elementalv! Remember that story feedback makes an awesome present for writers.
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Ripping pleasures

Man, New Order was good. What other great stuff is buried in my CD collection that I need to rip so I can darn well listen to it often? I should get systematic about this. I could probably finish if I spent the rest of the weekend writing at my desktop with stacks of CDs at my elbow.
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    New Order : Ceremony : Substance [Disc 1]
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