October 29th, 2006


3 Giles rec lists posted

I have now put my money where my mouth is and posted three Giles-centric lists for buffyversetop5's classic recs weekend. Genfic, an assortment of pairings, and Giles/Buffy.

Thank you all for your help in assembling the lists! The final selection is quite different from what my first two attempts were. And much more diverse. And again, if I left off a story you love, why not write your own list of five? The only restriction is that the work must be from before 2006.

I've been enjoying some of the other lists posted there. In particular, check out the list of five stories featuring Warren Mears. Now there's a list I wouldn't have thought to write, because I haven't encountered any stories focusing on Warren before!
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Today thus far

So far:
• Finished the aforementioned lists.
• Took long hot bath in the last of the Lush Flosty Gritter bubbles, under the kitten's watchful eye.
• In bath, read a couple hundred pages of Robin Hobb's Shaman's Crossing. A bildungsroman in another of her detailed worlds. Seems good so far.
• Started laundry.

• Finish laundry.
• Clean kitchen & bathroom. Perhaps pick up the clutter the husband has been creating in the living room.

I smell like BPAL's Punkie Night, one of the few scents Mr P has said outright smells nice. Possibly because it's quite recognizably apples & cranberries.

The husband recommended that I stop fussing so much over the NaNoWriMo novel plan and instead spend a few days just letting the brain relax and recharge. Read some of the pile of books that has accumulated over the last few months of writing-not-reading. Seems like good advice. I'll answer a few comments first, though.
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