October 27th, 2006


Brief question

buffyversetop5 is now open for posting, and all sorts of lists are showing up. Lots of Spike, lots of Spuffy. (Though I note there's a Xander/Riley recommendation, which wins on sheer whackiness.) Is that what most of Buffy fandom is, the reanimated middle-aged bleached-blond corpse and Buffy?

This is a thing I do not get, the appeal of Spike/Buffy. I like Season 2 evil Spike a lot, mind you. As enemies go, he's fun.

Okay, let's make some classic Giles recommendations

I'd like to put together lists for buffyversetop5 classic recs weekend, five stories each. One for great Giles genfic, and one for five classic Giles pairings: G/Buffy, G/Xander, G/Wesley, G/Anya, G/Ethan. Though possibly I could also find five Giles/Buffy stories worth recommending all on their own. Or perhaps Five Giles Writers to explore?

Let's brainstorm this!

ETA: My final lists, after the cuts.

Five of my favorite genfic stories about our stalwart Watcher.
Collapse )

Five stories pairing Giles and Buffy.
Collapse )

Five stories with Giles paired off.
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Edited as I build the lists. Note that I welcome you to construct your own lists if you disagree with my choices! Post 'em to the community! The more great Giles recs, the better!

A confusing thing

Been jumping through my link collection, and speed-re-reading stories to build these recommendation lists. And I have come to a few realizations:

- Giles/Oz creeps me out. This even though some of the stories are very well-written, the Giles/Oz pairing having attracted some skilled authors. I haven't figured this one out. It's not the age difference-- Giles/Xander is a relationship I love, and of course Giles/Buffy works for me. I enjoy Oz as a character plenty. It doesn't help that some of the writers set the stories after season 1. Or that often Oz is so broken, or Giles is so broken, in many of them. Hmm, perhaps that's getting at the problem.

- Giles/Willow doesn't work for me either, but I understand why not, and believe a good writer could talk me out of it. Willow isn't strong enough for Giles: not feisty enough, not playful enough, not resilient enough. I think he likes his partners a little bit wicked. Consider what Ethan and Jenny have in common. Olivia we don't see enough of, but we do see her being fairly strong-willed about "enough small talk" in "Hush".

- There needs to be more Core Four genfic, set during the series and after it. I will take this as a goal in life after the NaNo project.
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