October 20th, 2006

Giles/Ethan friends

FIC: Breaking Glass

Author: antennapedia
Title: Breaking Glass (complete)
Rating: FRAO for sex and drugs and four-letter words
Summary: Ethan takes Giles for a weekend away from Council pressures, and Giles travels considerably further than either of them had expected.
Word count: 9800
Notes: This story owes a deep debt to theblackmare, for her photos of the Tor and the Abbey and her sympathetic reading. glimmergirl is my Latin expert. hobgoblinn gave me a last-second read of part one.

maleslashminis Giles round
For: mireille719
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Wanted: cigarettes; a broken window; a holiday (interpret that as you will)
Unwanted: sap/fluff; non-con
Preferred rating: any

Tweedy Award badge

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Halloween costume idea

I'm-a gonna get some of this stuff and go as a firefly. Though strictly speaking I should illuminate my ass in order to be a firefly, and not my hair. But still! Isn't that stuff the coolest?
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Oh noes! Multi-meme post!

I scored as a "third way liberal". I usually test out a little more into economic liberty than I did on this one, edging me over toward scary big-L libertarian territory. But for various reasons globalization has been making me grumpy recently. And thus...
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For some reason this halloween candy meme reminded my husband of Nethack. "You are carrying 36 gnome corpses. You are stressed!" I note that glimmergirl got revenge for the frog incident.
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