October 9th, 2006



mythichistorian is being fun this morning! Giles, Robin, and Andrew with lightsabers. And Buffy with a blaster. And Ethan, well, you know, being the sillier sort of Ethan. Here: one and two.
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Giles/Xander 2

And furthermore

I neglected to sign up for the maleslashminis Xander round. And I meant to. Got busy at work through the afternoon. Darn it. Oh well. I suppose I shouldn't really sign up for more things until I finish part 2 of "Breaking Glass", which I owe to mireille719. I made good progress on it this weekend, despite all the blither here. It's close to a complete revised draft. It changed quite a bit from the first draft, and I'm very glad I took the extra week for it.

Also: Two kitten photos for your enjoyment, courtesy of nemaihne's hubby's spare digicam. Collapse )
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